The Early worm gets the bird

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 A duck Age limit pop Alien caveman fire Alien men's room Alien note Alien peer pressure Alien's first day Alien shave Alien student driver Area 51 Bed bugs Beware of dog Big bug Bigfoot Big wig Bodily fluids Bomb Boogie man Boot fishing Boy who cried wolves Buffalo Bill Bundle of sticks Camp snake Cartilage nuggets Cattle mutilation kit Children of the corn Clever abductee Coffee IV Cookie alien Cop puppet Cow pasture aliens Cow tippers Crab Rangoon Crabs Crappy out Crimp Vagivok Crop apology Crop circles for dummies Day dream date Dead Depressed Devil music Diabolical laughter Diligent Fix Discount souls Dry cleaners Dumpster Ear wax museum Easter egg hunt Fallen angel Fear no more Fear of God Flaccid Mastiff Flakes of frost Fruit in Heaven Glutton for punishment God and nipples Hector's platypus Hell's bells Hell's utensils Hitman House of pain How much? How to live without sex Ice man Ice cream gang Complete Idiot Island pizza Jerks in Heaven Jesus saves Keester Mormp Knuckle sandwich Lactose intolerant Lemonade in Hell Little biker ride Lollipop robber Mars rover photo Melissa Melons Mile high club Milk and cookies Missing Money island Monkey see More rope Mother's against everything Mouthwash Noah's ark No secrets Not gay Nothing to fear No vacancy Old people names Palpacheepa Crankthasher Park bench puppets Playing the enema Plumber cookie Popochio Pre histukey Presents Prisoner Island Proof in the pudding Psychopath soul Public toilet Reaper cliff Ron's boss Saddam Hussein's reaper Shark and Kids Short on virgins Singing monster Sleepless alien Slip monkey Soldier to mom Soup for the jerk Squirrel feeder Saint John's wort Stranded Stuff your face Suicide bomber Super hero change Swamp gas Tasmanian angel Telemarketer Will work for testosterone That guy is an asshole Ticket school Tip of the iceberg Telemarketer season TV cat UFO jumpstart UFO lights UFO vandals Uncle Sam Unhappy meal Unhealthy choice VCR abductee Waffle Weird farm animal Willing to change Will work for souls Wrong planet

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Caricatures by Dennis Rano:
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